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1-1-77, Higawa, Naha-city, Okinawa, 900-0022, JAPAN

About Okinawa

Okinawa is located at the southern tip of Japan, which consist of the best subtropical climate within Japan. It does not snow but it is mild throughout the year with an average temperature of 22.7℃. Okinawa is also one of the best tourist destinations in Japan with many tourists visiting form abroad. As it is gaining attention as an Asian hub, getting access from other Asian region is easy.

Study in Okinawa

IT College Okinawa and Okinawa School of Foreign Languages are located in the center and convenient environment of Naha City. The college area is surrounded with various facilities like hospitals, supermarket, clothing shop and food shops to ease day to day convenience. Comparing Tokyo and other metropolitan areas, Okinawa is lively and affordable. So, we recommend Okinawa to the student who wants to study in Japan for the first time.

For International Student

Japanese Business Course(Japanese Language Institution)
Global Business Course(For Japanese language school graduates)
Period of study: 2 years

Implementing a practical education system with a unique curriculum

IT College Okinawa is an educational institution that was established with the ideal of becoming a practical vocational school that fosters the immediate ability of young people to work in the information technology field. With its unique curriculum structure, IT College Okinawa provides a more practical education than other technical colleges, and aims to send out as many people as possible into society who can be immediately effective. At present, IT technology transcends national borders and multinational operations are increasing. We hope that many international students will study in Okinawa and become a bridge between Japan and other countries.

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